The Accidental Baker

My name is Sarah. I entered the world of baking nine years ago, purely by accident. It's fair to say I've been able to hold my own in the kitchen for many years, but it was during an incredible 12 months maternity leave with my first born Emilia, where the serious baking adventures began.


In between Emilia's naps, I was able to experiment with new recipes, and I quickly established a few signature cakes. She's also been a great helper along the way. I quickly became the family baker and catered for all family birthdays and events.


From here requests started to come in from friends and friends of friends. The rest, as they say, is history and Wedding Cakes Cardiff was born. We're a close family in Cardiff which means there are plenty of willing testers for new recipes. They're not backwards in coming forwards with feedback either, which has helped enormously. But baking, like most crafts, has to be relevant and I pride myself on listening to clients- understanding what they want from the cake, what their taste buds crave and then we work up the magic.


We keep things simple, using quality ingredients, tried and trusted recipes to perfect the taste. Our Naked Cakes and Cup Cakes are really popular. Our clients like our Rustic feel and appearance with occasional twists and surprises.