Alternative Wedding Cakes

In this day in age, bride and grooms are always looking for “the other” or the “different” because they want their wedding to stand and out an be remembered as unique. This is why many couples are opting for alternative wedding cakes. Alternative cakes can include more unusual ingredients, for example, cocoa Krispies, strawberry millegogile, stacked waffles/brownies or a tower of drizzled doughnuts. More modern alternative cakes often include fruit. Cakes that contain fruit often go very well with fresh cream that often delights a wedding party. There is something very lovely about having a fresh cake containing fruit at your wedding as you know this cake has recently been made. Another very popular alternative to the traditional cake is the stacked cheesecake. Guests can enjoy this type of cake after a three-course meal and enjoy the different types of chesses such as Wensleydale and smoked Woolsey. Cheese is very popular and is particularly on trend regarding a replacement to your usual type of cake.

Where can I order a different type of wedding cake in Cardiff?

If you are getting married in Cardiff, then please consider Wedding Cakes Cardiff. They are a first rate, professional company who will no doubt be able to please you and all your wedding guests. They are wedding specialists who will be able to make any type of wedding cake that you have in mind. They are also a company that recognise that weddings are a very expensive event and couples are often on a tight budget-that is why they like to keep their price list very competitive, but at the same time not reducing any of the wonderful cake quality.

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If you would like an informal chat with our main baker, Haley, please get in touch today be clicking the contact button today. She is a friendly and professional person who will put you at ease. She has a great knowledge of the various wedding cake options and will be able to make suggestions. Once the size and type of cake have been clarified, she will be able to put together a competitive quote. She will also be able to discuss and further add-ons that you may require such as cupcakes to accompany buffets etc. Wedding cupcakes can really be the finishing touch to a delightful wedding, so they are very much worth considering.