Are you looking for a baker to make your wedding cake in Cardiff?

There are many different designs, flavours and types of cakes that bride and grooms consider for their special day. Choosing a cake can be a difficult process because you want to get it right. Also, in the back of your mind, you also think that this wedding cake will also be eaten and enjoyed by your wedding guests. Therefore, you want to choose something that reflects your own tastes, but at the same time is mainstream enough to be enjoyed by the majority of all your guests. There a range of vintage and elegant cakes that you can choose from that can be baked by Wedding Cakes Cardiff. Fruit wedding cake with ivory icing has long held the tradition of the standard wedding cake, however as times change and modernise bakers are trying out various designs. Bride and grooms are opting for far more casual weddings these days, which often take place in country estates and barns. Your wedding cake can reflect that more rustic style.

How much does a wedding cake cost?

As wedding cakes come in various forms, there is not one set price. Decorations and ingredients vary so much, as does the element of personalisation on your cake that you will need to get in touch with wedding cakes Cardiff personally to give you a free quote. They are a very fair team- their chief baker, Haley is a wonderful baker who keeps up with all the latest cake trends. A useful guide on pricing for wedding cakes is about £3-4 per 100g of the cake. However, this can vary. Also if you live in the Cardiff area, they will not be a delivery charge, if you live further away there maybe a small charge. The cake itself can be delivered to any wedding venue in the Cardiff area on the wedding day or before- this can liaise between you, the baker and the wedding venue. It is also worth noting that some bride and grooms opt for the more casual wedding cupcakes instead of the more formal wedding cake. This is becoming more and more popular as they are a lot more affordable. There are many different attractive cupcake options that Haley will be able to discuss with you. Cupcakes also look great on a stand and will look very attractive on your wedding day- they can be placed in the main room where your guests will eat, or in the foyer area where the drinks reception is often held.