Would you like a Butterfly Wedding Cake for your big day?

Butterfly designs are always associated with romance, hence why they have had so much influence in the wedding cake industry. Butterflies on take the form as attached decoration to the cake and can come in many forms. Some people like to see like iced butterflies attached to the side of the cake; others prefer to see colourful butterflies cascading in many numbers down the side of the cake at an angle. The great thing about Butterfly Wedding Cakes is the fact that they can bring a great deal of colour to a plain looking cake. Typically, butterflies come in orange, yellow and purple to decorate a cake. If the butterflies can be intertwined with attractive flowers, this can look even more impressive. These types of cakes that use interesting decorations can make your day memorable and individual. It is often better to go for a cake that you feel will stand out and impress your guests.

Can I find a local baker in South Wales to make a butterfly wedding cake?

Yes, the local company called Wedding Cakes Cardiff provide a wonderful service to bride and grooms in the local area. They can make a range of cakes such as plain, chocolate, vanilla, coconut and of course butterfly cakes. They have much experience in providing a first class service and will even drop the cake off to the wedding venue for you. They have a lot of creative ideas and, also, which is very important, their fees are very competitive and reasonable. The quality of their cake is simply divine, and wedding guests often comment on how tasty their creations are. They provide themselves on baking in a traditional home setting that can provide wonderfully high-quality products that beat the look of high street branded designs.

How do I order a cake from Wedding Cakes Cardiff?

If you have a cake in mind that you would like to order from the business for your special wedding day, it is worth getting in contact as soon as possible. They are a very busy company and don’t like to disappoint clients, so as soon as you have set a wedding date, it is worth getting in contact with them as soon as possible. They will then be able to provide you with cake ideas and a price listing that you can go through in your own time. Once you have requested a cake, all you have to do is make a small deposit then the cake making will get underway.