Do you wish to order a wedding cake for your wedding at Canada Lake and Lodge?

The Canada Lake and Lodge is a wonderful wedding venue, so first of all, congratulations on your engagement and you are in for a real treat. This is a very premium-wedding venue, so if you are getting married here, you will want all your other arrangements to be premium too. If you are getting married at Canada Lake and Lodge and are looking for what type of wedding cake you want, you have come to the right place for further advice. There are many different types of wedding cakes on offer, and you will have to spend a little time sifting through many options with your partner. Some people have it set in stone, early on, as to what type of cake they want- others need a bit of guidance to help them through the process. They’re a many different flavours on offers such as lemon, carrot, coconut, red velvet, lime, vanilla and coffee. The size of the cake then is often measured in inches. You will also have to decide whether you want an iced cake or a naked cake.

Can I build my own cake with the baker?

Yes, Wedding Cakes Cardiff offers the service whereby you can make all the design and flavouring decisions along the creative process. This company can work closely with you to make a cake exactly to the specifications you require. On the hand, you can also leave the entire creative process up to the baker, called Haley, and she can send you photos in emails as an update as she goes along. Haley is very friendly and professional, and she will put you at ease. She even organises taster sessions on certain cakes so you can taste before you buy.

How much will the cake cost?

The cakes are very competitively priced. This is because Wedding Cakes Cardiff recognise that weddings are a very expensive time for people, so they don’t like to overcharge like other companies. They make some of the nicest and mouth-watering cakes in the wedding industry, so if you are getting married, you should definitely consider them. Please visit their website today where you can see all their cakes they make, and you can read a biography about their baker. If you make an early booking, you may be entitled to a reduction in price. Please get in contact today for an informal chat.