Why are chocolate wedding cakes so popular?

Chocolate wedding cakes are so popular simply because so chocolate is so delicious. Any baker will tell you; chocolate cakes are the first to sell from any stall, as they are very favourable with the mass market. If you are looking to have a cake made for your special day that will please the majority of your guests, then the chocolate cake option is probably the safest. It is worth pointing out that there are many different options and designs of the standard chocolate cake. However, the standard ingredients to this favourite are white chocolate buttercream, butter, vanilla, icing and of course, melted chocolate. Some bride and grooms choose a rich, dark chocolate cake that can often include coffee. Others may prefer a wedding cake made from white chocolate that can match the colour of the brides dress in some cases.

How can the chocolate cake be decorated to make it look attractive?

If you would like Wedding Cakes Cardiff to bake your wedding cake, they have many different ways to make the cake look attractive. Some cakes are decorated with nuts (though be careful of those with allergies), and others can be decorated with fruits. Sometimes and decorative ribbon can be placed around the cake. It is becoming very popular to decorate the chocolate cake with branded small chocolates such as Cadbury’s or Kit Kats. Glazing is also another where to liven up the look of a chocolate cake, for example, a blackberry glaze on top of a cake can turn heads on the wedding day.

How do I contact Wedding Cakes Cardiff for a quote?

If you click the contact button the website, you will be able to get in touch with Phil who will be able to put you in touch with their personal baker, Haley. You will have the chance to describe exactly what type of cake you would like for your wedding day, and they may also make suggestions. When you both have a clear vision, you will then be provided with a quote. Samplings of certain cakes can also be booked in with our baker. Then, if you would like to make a booking, all you will need to do is transfer a deposit to the company. They will then take all the stress away from you can deliver the cake to a location of your choosing. Alternatively, arrangements can be made for you to pick the cake up in person.