Are you looking to purchase a classic wedding cake?

Some bride and grooms favour a more traditional looking cake for their special day. A traditional cake need not be a boring cake- there are many different classic designs that are very interesting in their nature. The classic towered cakes based on the 1920s and 1930s era is becoming very popular. These simplistic and traditional cakes are often slightly decorated with butter cream and maybe a traditional lace ribbon around the edges. There are also other ways classical wedding cakes can be decorated, for example, laced bands can be placed around the tiered cake, in a similar style to that of the brides wedding dress. The exterior of the wedding cake can also be livened up by different coloured icing that can represent pretty flowers. Classic wedding cakes can also be given a basket weave style where each tier appears as an attractive wooden box. Ribbon can be placed around the tiers. Traditional cakes are often placed on traditional attractive stands that enhance all the features of the cake. This will make the cake look even grander and inviting when it is placed at your wedding. A wedding is one of the most important days of someone’s life, so it is worth finding a local baker in Cardiff who you will be happy to make your personalised wedding cake.

Would you like Wedding Cakes Cardiff to bake you a classic cake for your special day?

There are many different designs of the traditional cake that this company has on offer. Their chief baker, Haley enjoys experimenting with various coloured icing and laces. Haley can also personalise and tailor a traditional cake design to your specification. The size of your wedding cake will often be dependent on the size of the wedding. It is worth getting in contact with Wedding Cakes Cardiff to have a chat about what type a cake it is that you want

How much will the cake cost?

As there are so many variable factors in cake making it is difficult to give a one set fee. Once Haley has all you specifications about the cake, she will then be able to provide you with a quote. With big orders or big cakes, it may be possible for Haley to provide a taster session where she can prepare a small version of the cake. You can then assess flavourings and sweetness levels. If you have any further questions, you will be able to raise them at this informal meeting.