Are you interested in fruit wedding cake?

The traditional wedding cake is often a fruitcake. The ingredients of this cake create flavours that will be enjoyed the majority of your wedding guests. The fruit wedding cake contains eggs, flour, almonds, cinnamon, sultanas, currants, raisins, orange, melon, brandy, caster sugar, cherries and raisins. It is rather noticeable that this type of cake has very similar ingredients to that of a Christmas cake. These types of cakes are celebratory cakes that are rich in flavour that go very well with tea or coffee at the end of a meal. The sweet icing that often surrounds the cake mixes very well with the fruit. White icing creates a wonderful contrast with the marzipan and together they create a fantastic zest. Many high street brands make the traditional fruit cake, however bride and grooms often realise that this is such an important day, they prefer to have a local baker freshly make the cake and have it made personalised.

Why should you consider Wedding Cakes Cardiff?

This is a growing and popular company that provide cakes for weddings. If you are looking for a baker who can create a very tasty wedding cake, you will be very impressed with their Baker called Haley. She has studied various combinations of the standard fruitcake and has come up with her own, homemade succulent cake. Her mouth-watering cakes can come in various designs and can be presented on various cake stands. If you would like a meeting with Haley to discuss option, please get in contact today.

How much will the cake cost?

Wedding Cakes Cardiff has a range of very competitive costs. They recognise that a wedding can be a very expensive time for future bride and grooms, so they do like tot keep their prices as low as possible, but still keeping the high standard of quality. There is not one set fee because there are various options for decorating the cake. Ribbons, bows and artificial ice flowers are all options that you can consider. Certain cakes go well with certain decorations – if you would like to look at various options, please visit their website where you will be able to see photographs of previous cakes made by Haley and the team. There also various alternatives if you fancy choosing a more modern and on trend cake.