Would you like more information regarding Golden Wedding Cakes?

If you are looking for ideas for cakes for your golden wedding anniversary or a cake that is golden in style and design for your actual wedding day, then you have come to the right place. An all butter sponge cake filled with buttercream can be one of the tastiest in the wedding industry. Mainstream cakes such as these will always please the majority of your guests. Raspberry jam, covered with soft icing is quite common in this type of cake and can be finished off with a golden-laced ribbon to celebrate a golden wedding. Here, at Wedding Cakes Cardiff our baker can prepare 50th-anniversary cakes or golden wedding cakes. If you are interested in either of these types of cakes, then it is really worth getting in contact today.

Can my wedding cake be personalised?

In a simply answer, yes. Wedding Cakes Cardiff can have anything you want to be placed onto the cake. Furthermore, you can have any lettering placed as a monogram decoration. “Mr and Mrs” is a very popular add-on, or even perhaps the initials of the bride and groom can be a very romantic idea. Golden coloured sugared beads can be placed onto the cake to spell out names and messages also. Glittering decorations and fountain candles can look great on a wedding cake.

How much will the wedding cake cost?

There is not one set fee for a certain cake. Once Haley, our home baker, has taken all the details of the order such as all the ingredients and cake size she will then be able to provide you with a quote. You can then go away and think this over, and if you are happy you can place your order. You will then need to place a small deposit to secure the purchase of the cake. You can transfer the amount via online banking. Haley will then often put things in order and start prepping her designs and purchase her ingredients. She can even e-mail you and your partner work in progress of the cake with accompanying photographs. If you have any further questions about the process or prices, it is worth getting in contact today. The company is becoming very busy with increasing orders, so, to secure a booking, it is worth getting in contact as soon as possible.