Would you like to purchase a Lace Wedding Cake?

Cakes that are decorated with lace can be a wonderful added touch. You will notice that lace comes into many aspects of design in other areas of a wedding such as the bride's dress. This is because lace is known to be romantic. White lace more than any other colour is the most popular to surround a wedding cake. Three tiered cakes can be livened up with the surrounding lace, and the lace can come in various patterns and colours. Artificial lace is becoming popular where stencils are used- this is great because the laced pattern is then edible. You can also add little edible pearls to the lace that can sparkle and look very attractive, particularly when the sunlight hits them. Mint green cakes can be wrapped in a lace sugar veil- this type of cake goes very well with pink decorated flowers. It is also becoming popular to have intricate lacings that ruffle up from the bottom tier of the cake. Winding trails of the floral effect can look great in the wedding photographs, which you will be able to treasure for life.

Who shall you choose to make your lace wedding cake in Cardiff?

Wedding Cakes Cardiff is a great company that create and supply wedding cakes all over the south Wales area and beyond. Their main baker called Haley has a real life for wedding baking. She has taken influences from many chefs, and in particular, Mary Berry. Her cakes are the most divine, mouth-watering pleasures that one may experience. Her approach is also friendly and professional and will put you and your partner at ease. If you want to read further information about Haley, please click on the website today.

Can the cake be delivered to the wedding venue?

Yes. Wedding Cakes Cardiff will not only make the cake; they will deliver the cake direct to where ever you choose to get married in Cardiff. You will have all the stress of baking and delivery taken away from you. If you would like to have a free quote- then get in contact today and they will reply within a few hours. If you have a discussion with them, they will also be able to discuss various ways of presenting the cake on the big day- there are many stands and displays on offer. Also, some bride and grooms like to purchase small attractive boxes so guests can take portions of the cake home at the end of the night.