Modern Wedding Cakes

These days, many bride and grooms are looking something a bit different- an alternative to the standard, typical wedding cake. There are many different ways in which you can make a cake different and more importantly, memorable. You will see many contemporary and chic cake styles on the Internet, and it will be really worth your time to have a look through to see what you like.  The standard number of tiers on a wedding is three, so why not mix it up a bit and have two, four or five. Modern cakes may also make use of more vivid colours such as striking red. More unusual flavourings of mango and carrot are also becoming more and more popular. Even if you want traditional flavouring, such as the famous chocolate cake, you can still experiment with the design- it can look great to have the cake in the shape of a cube for example. Peanut butter is a great addition to any chocolate cake, adding an extra and more unusual taste. Caramel toffee fudge cake is extremely popular as weddings- the taste is simply divine- and it can be iced in a colour you choose. Modern wedding cakes can also be in black and white. This can be a great idea for those who are having a black and white wedding theme.

Why should you consider Wedding Cakes Cardiff?

When should I place my order?

This company has had great experience in providing the most wonderful cakes to weddings. If you are looking for someone to take away all the stress of gathering the ingredients and preparing the cake then you should consider this company. Haley, the main baker, has a great love of cake making and will happily discuss various wedding cake options with you. Wedding Cakes Cardiff has lots of different types of cakes on offer, so it is worth visiting their online website to see some example photographs. The cakes themselves can come in a variety of different sizes and colours. There are many different types of creams you can choose from- they have different colours too. It is important you consider your themed colours of your wedding and then see if you can link them to your wedding cake as best you can. Your wedding cake will no doubt look stunning in the wedding photographs that you will be able to treasure for life.