Are you searching for plain wedding cakes?

Many bride and grooms do not look for a highly decorated cake with trimmings but instead look for something plain, but tasty. Plain cakes can take the form of icing surrounding a fruitcake. However, naked cakes are becoming more and more popular, whereby there is no outer coating, but instead sponge and cream showing. Pastel colours are very popular on plain cakes and can give the classy wedding cake look. Some times bakers can go overboard with decorations, and it can become a bit over the top, and tacky, so plainer cakes can be a bit classier looking. When people think of a wedding cake, they picture a three tiered, white cake- and perhaps with some ribbon around the outside. This type of cake would be categorised in this day in age as a plain cake. Another thing to consider is that plainer cakes can also fit in with any colour theme that you may be adopting for your wedding. White and creams go with any colour themes, so this can be very useful.

Where can I order a plain wedding cake in Cardiff?

You will see many high street chains such as Marks and Spencer’s who sell wedding cakes. However they will not be able to provide the homemade quality of a local baking specialist such as Wedding Cakes Cardiff. Not only will the local baker be able to spend much more time, fine tuning all the flavours of your cake, they will also be able to personalise your cake in any way you want. The cake will be specifically made to a size that is appropriate for a number of wedding guests that you intend to have. A local company will also be able to give you a friendly and personable experience, and furthermore, they will be able to deliver the cake direct to your wedding venue- something the high street brands will not be able to offer you.

How do I place an order today?

If you are interested in making a purchase with Wedding Cakes Cardiff today, please click the contact button. You will then placed in touch will our baker who will be able to answer any questions that you may have and clarify any baking concerns you may have. They are a friendly and reliable company who not disappoint you. To secure the booking, the only thing you have to do is transfer a deposit.