Are you interested in Silver Wedding Cakes?

If you are getting married and are considering having a silver wedding cake on your big day, then you have come to the right place for further advice. Silver wedding cakes can often look great at a wedding if the colour them of the day is silver. Silver is a classy look for any bride and groom, and it never ages with the ever-changing fashions. To add a further sparkle to your cake, it can be an attractive look to add a silver ribbon around the exterior. The colour silver can look great in whatever season you choose to get married in. You can also order matching silver boxes for those who wish to take a bit of the cake home with them. The tiered wedding cake as always been a favourable design, however, if you would like a modern twist on this, each tier can be shaped into a heart- this then can be placed on a silver cake display that can look stunning. Others may choose to have the icing in silver that can make guests turn heads to see the cake sparkle in the sunlight. The colour silver is not just restricted to the actual cake; you can have silver cup cakes that are often very popular with wedding guests because they can be served in the evening as a desert for the evening buffet.

Where can I order a silver cake in Cardiff?

If you are looking for a baker who will make your cake and have it delivered to your wedding venue, then please consider Wedding Cakes Cardiff. They are a company that specialise in wedding baking. They can and a very used to meeting tight deadlines and delivering the cake direct to your wedding venue on time. You can trust and rely on this company. Their chief baker, Haley has a great passion for traditional home baking and has been influenced a great deal by Mary Berry. She understands that folks at a wedding simply want to enjoy the wonderfully sweet and fruity tastes of a wedding cake. If you are stuck for ideas, they will also be able to give you suggestions. They will always ensure that your cake is freshly made- something that cannot be guaranteed by other competitor companies. If you want further information, it is suggested that you get in contact with the company today for a free, non-obligatory quote.