Would you like to see our range of simple wedding cakes?

Weddings are very expensive functions to put on, and many bride and grooms are often restricted to a tight budget. Elaborate cakes often come with a very expensive price tag, so it is becoming more and more popular to have a more simple cake that is more reasonably priced. However, that does not mean that your cake will not look attractive, even if it is simple. More simple cakes need not come in extensive tiers, but they can look great with just one layer. Wedding Cakes Cardiff offers a range of simple wedding cakes such as light fruitcakes, strawberry cakes, orange berry wedding cake, vanilla cakes or even apple fruitcake. Some bride and grooms opt for just having decorative cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. This is a great option that can be made by cake companies in Cardiff.

Why choose Wedding Cakes Cardiff?

There are many reasons why you can entrust this company to provide the baking for your special wedding day. They are very well equipped in providing first class wedding cakes while also running the business in a friendly and approachable manner. You will not need to pay a penny until you are in agreement with their chief baker of what type and size of cake you require. If you are happy with the quote that they provide, you can then go ahead and transfer the deposit. This company provide a home-cooking traditional style of baking, yet at the same time decorate their cakes in modern and trendy ways.

How much do simple wedding cakes cost?

There is no one set fee because cakes vary in size and type. However, you will be offered a very competitive fee because the overheads of the company are small. They will be able to provide you with a personal service without a huge bill at the end of it. Simple cakes are a lot more affordable, but at the same time, a still very attractive and will look great on a stand on your wedding day. If you would like further information about contact details and sample photographs of previous cakes made by the company, it is worth visiting their online website. As you will be able to see they can make many cakes with various attractive designs. And, of course, the most important thing is all their cakes are simply delicious.