Are you interested in a three-tier wedding cake?

It has been a long-established tradition that if you are getting married, you will also have a three-tiered cake. There is something very grand and classy having a cake in staked columns at your wedding reception. There are many different ways you can make the cake individual and unique for you and your partner. For example, you can have each tier in the shape of a heart, you can have cascading butterflies down the side of each tier, you can have decorative bows and ribbons around each tier and you can have it personalised in any way. Some weddings occur in the countryside, so cake making has become a little more rustic in its way, however rustic need not mean it isn’t glamorous. Another way you can make your tiered cake more interesting and unique is to match the colours to the season you are getting married in. For example, if you are getting married in the spring you can have a fresh ivory vibe with seasonal flowers as its decoration.

Where can I order a wedding cake from in South Wales?

Wedding Cakes Cardiff is one of the top wedding bakers in the whole of South Wales. They are a marvellous company who can make some of the most interesting and flavoursome cakes. Their aim is to make the wedding cake only three days before the wedding, so the cake is at its most freshest and tastiest. If you are getting married in Cardiff, they will also deliver free of charge to your venue, if you are further afield, there is a £10 per half hour in the car drive. If you would like a taster session booked in with the company that can be arranged with their chief baker Haley.

Can I make an order and purchase today?

Wedding Cakes Cardiff will be more than happy to take an order from you today. You can phone or email the company to arrange a meetup or can just discuss over the phone if that is easier. Once you are both happy all you will need to do is transfer a deposit. They have an array of different types of cakes on offer, which you will able to see on their witness. Most cakes can come in different sizes depending on the size of your wedding.