Would you like to order and unfrosted wedding cake?

If you want your cake to make a statement at your wedding, your should consider an unfrosted wedding cake. You will sometimes hear this type of cake being referred to as a ‘naked cake’, but they mean the same thing. A cake with no icing or buttercream can look more alternative making your wedding day more individual and more unique. Some bakers leave the in-between part of the tiers unfilled which can also look very attractive. Years ago the ‘unfinished look’ was not so popular, however now bakers are finding various ways to decorate the cake imaginatively it is becoming a lot more popular. Cake is always supposed to reflect the style of the wedding, so if you are a having a more trendy, rustic, modern wedding – then it would be a good idea for your cake to reflect that. A three-tiered chocolate cake that is garnished with fresh berries can look great- there is no icing or outer cream holding this cake together. Another option is a naked chocolate cake that has a pink filling. In fact, the cream filling can come in any colour that you choose, and can go very will with decorative flowers on the top.

What are my unfrosted wedding cake options?

A naked vanilla wedding can look great- and there are various ways to make the design look even more eye-catching, such as having two romantic flamingos kissing on the top of the cake. Some bride and grooms are favouring the semi-naked cake option where it is only slightly frosted on the sides. This can create a more earthy and rustic look that can be decorated with flowers and lush greenery. Blooms, ivy and candles are also other ways a naked cake can look more appealing. You can even choose to letter on the side of the cake such as “just married”.

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