Vintage Wedding Cakes

Vintage styles are becoming popular in a variety of different ways in the wedding industry. Fashions come and go, but we are definitely living in an era where bride and grooms a turning to more old-fashioned designs. Squared tiers are something that is taken from older designs. Decorations of ivory are also very much vintage in its look. Also, white laced inspired fondant details around the cake is very popular. Vintage wedding cakes often include golden ribbons, which can make the cake look very grand for a celebratory occasion. Retro Cakes also like to include designs of flowers as icing, or in some cases actual flowers are placed amongst the cake. You can make the look of your cake, look like authentic cake from the 1940s or 1950s. Cakes stacked in columns is also another design that can look great because they stand so tall in the room everyone notices them.

Where can I find a wedding baker in Cardiff?

Wedding Cakes Cardiff is a fantastic company who will be able to provide you with a wonderfully tasty cake for your big day. You will also enjoy dealing with this company because they are very friendly and will be more than happy for you to make suggestions. They understand this is a very important and memorable day for you, and will welcome your creative input. They will be able to provide you specific ingredients that go well together and give you advice on different options that will provide your cake with a good consistency. This company will be able to provide options of roses, oranges and blossoms on your vintage cake.

Can my vintage cake be personalised?

Many bride and grooms ask for personalisation on a wedding cake because it makes the cake unique to that specific day. Wedding Cakes Cardiff are more than happy to personalise cakes, and they have a range of options and ways you can do this. Some choose to integrate their names or initials in some way into the design. This can also look great in the wedding photographs, as those will know that there is always that moment in the day where the bride and groom will cut the cake and photographs will be taken. If you would like to discuss and personalisation options it is worth making contact with the company today, and for a free quote.