Are you getting married in the Miskin Manor, Cardiff and are considering different types of wedding cakes?

The Miskin Manor is a wonderful wedding location set in the hillsides of South Wales. If you are treating yourself with all the extras to make your wedding truly special, you should definitely consider a top quality wedding cake. They come in very different styles and designs, but the important thing is that you and your partner are happy with your choice. The wedding cake features as the centrepiece of your wedding reception, so it is important that it looks good. Once the cake is eaten and enjoyed, it will not be forgotten, as it will appear in all the wedding photographs for you to treasure and enjoy. The cake as we all know represents the culmination of the marriage. The classic white cake is a favourite- and it does not need to be boring if it is decorated well. The Parisian Macaroon tower is a modern popular alternative. With the rise in popularity of the macaroon, this cake will go down very well at your wedding. The other option is having a naked cake, which is a modern trend from the United States. If you are getting married in the miskin manor, make sure you know what different wedding cakes are available.

Welcome to Wedding Cakes Cardiff

This bakery prides itself on traditional baking with a modern twist. They have been making wedding cakes for some time and enjoy pleasing bride and grooms on their big day. They are very up on all the baking trends, and they know what flavours and ingredients go well together. If you would like to have a chat with the main baker, Haley it would be a good idea to go on their website and press the contact button. Whether you would like a modern cake, or something more traditional, there is no doubt that Wedding Cakes Cardiff will be able to take care of it.

Can I make my wedding cake order today?

Yes, if you and your partner are set on a specific cake, and you know the numbers that you know it will need to feed, then please make an enquiry today. They will then be able to get back to you with a quote. It is worth noting that this company can make some of the best wedding cakes in the industry in South Wales.