Welcome to Wedding Cakes Cardiff

If you are looking for a local baker to make you a traditional wedding cake you have come to the right place. The traditional wedding cake can come in various forms, but one thing is for sure- you will recognise it clearly as a “wedding cake”. The traditional tiered cake comes in traditionally three main types: fruit, sponge or chocolate. The chocolate is often the most favoured type at it is so popular with mainstream wedding parties. The fruitcake can be heavier, but the richness will no doubt please so people- particularly if it is served at the end of a three-course meal with coffee. Traditional wedding cakes need not be boring; there are a number of ways they can be made unique, perfect for your wedding day. For example, you can choose the icing colour, which can range from ivory, white or dark brown. You can then choose the size. Size is calculated in portions- normally in 12, 24, 44, 64 or even 100+. The size of the cake is normally determined by the size of your wedding party on your big day. It is worth mentioning that even if people don’t eat the cake on the day, bride and grooms often suggest they take a portion home to enjoy the next day with a lovely cup of tea.

How long will it take for a company to make my wedding cake?

There is no one set time of preparation. There are a number of different factors that will determine the turn around time. However one thing is for sure, once a quote has been made, our bakers will ensure that the cake is delivered to your wedding venue on time. Alternatively, you can arrange to collect the cake from our baker’s house in advance and take the cake yourself to the wedding venue.

How do I purchase a wedding cake?

If you would like to order a cake from Wedding Cakes Cardiff, then please get in contact with us today. You can email all the details and type of design that you would want, or alternatively, you can speak with our baker directly over the phone. Once you are both in agreement with the type and size of cake you require, then we will be able to provide you with a non-obligatory quote. If you are happy with the quote, you can then transfer a deposit to secure the booking.