The Classic White Wedding Cake

The white wedding cake is the staple cake for any traditional wedding in the UK. The classic style looks very grand and can look great placed on an attractive cake stand in your wedding reception. All white cakes often come in a series of tiers- usually three, but sometimes four tiers. These cakes can then be ruffled with layers of sugar flour. There are slight variations of the inner ingredients of the cake, however in the main they follow the traditional ingredients. Various frostings can give the cake individuality, as can swiss dot details. Fresh white flowers can go very well with an entirely white cake. Some will prefer going for the edible frosted flowers designs. If you are on a budget, or are looking for a smaller cake for a smaller wedding, you may wish to consider a one tier white cake. To make a one-tier cake more interesting, you should consider having romantic cake decorations such as heart toppers. There is something stunning about an all white cake that is decorated with colourful flowers. It is traditional and is a nod to styles and fashions gone by.

Which baker in Cardiff shall I hire to create my wedding cake?

Wedding Cakes Cardiff is one of the best bakers in Cardiff who can make and deliver your special to your wedding venue. They have a great deal of experience and are used to working to tight deadlines. What is particularly great about this company is that they make their cakes fresh, in many cases, they will make the cake on a day or so before your wedding. For more complicated and advance orders they can make the cake in advance and have it frozen- it can then be defrosted the day before and will be as good as fresh. If you have no idea about what cake you and your partner would like for your big day, its worth giving them a call to discuss various options and they can show you photos of previous cakes they have made.

Can I arrange a taster session?

Yes. In many cases, Wedding Cakes Cardiff offers the taster service where you can try different cake options. Once you have chosen what cake you want, they will then get back to you with a quote. They are a company that offers very reasonable fees, so you can guarantee that you won’t be overcharged.